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Every person has different oral health, and the frequency of visiting dental clinics depends on individual conditions. If you maintain good dental health yourself, this is still not enough. The risk factors and the health need will be reflected with frequent checkups with your dentist. Let’s read the article to know why you should visit a dental clinic scraping limestone social security (ขูด หินปูน ประกัน สังคม, which is the term in Thai) regularly.

It Keeps Gum Diseases At The Bay

Generally, the early stages of gum disease don’t show any symptoms. So, it could be challenging to detect gum disease once it starts to appear. But dentists are experts at finding this issue as soon as possible and creating necessary treatments. During the check-up, dentists can easily find swelling, receding gums as well as problematic gum pockets. If they find any issue there, they start the necessary treatments.

Education On Dental Hygiene

Taking reasonable hygiene control over the teeth is necessary, but most people don’t know anything about it. Sometimes, they brush their teeth once daily and think this is enough to maintain their teeth’ health.

You brush your teeth after every meal, and flossing once daily keeps the bacteria away from the mouth. To maintain your personalised dental hygiene, you must visit the dental clinic regularly.

Control Bad Breath

A condition called halitosis may occur due to poor dental habits and cause bad breath. It would help if you did not give it any chance to spread, so having a checkup from scraping limestone social security is a must here. The dentist can pinpoint the issue causing bad breath in your mouth and provide a solution per the condition.

Oral Cancer Detection

Oral cancer can manifest itself in many ways. Without treating it at early stages, it may get life-threatening. But with regular dental treatments, the early signs are easily detectable. You may not find the oral abnormalities that lead to oral cancer, but your dentist will. They are trained to recognise these symptoms and can treat them from the first stage, so you can have them treated properly.

Prevents Plaques, Tartar

Even with good teeth hygiene, your teeth may have plaque buildup. Over time, it gets difficult to move and turns into tartar. The plaques and Tartar erode the teeth and create holes in the gum, known as the cavity. Having a regular dental checkup may prevent the buildup of plaques and tartar, and you can avoid having severe dental issues in future.


These all are the reasons why you should visit a dental clinic scraping limestone social security regularly. Visiting the dental clinic regularly will keep your dental problems at bay, and you can show off your great smile to the world.

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