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While everyone has their reasons for learning how to ride a horse. The advantages of horseback riding are endless. If you are interested in riding a horse or learning about it from a professional then you can always consider horse riding Khao Yai.

Develop Positive Traits

Horseback riding inculcates lessons on responsibility for those who ride the horse and those who take care of them. Horse caretakers must learn how to take off their horses when they fall sick. Researching and understanding horse health in detail along with farm care includes responsibility and patience. Additionally, horseback riding also teaches how to be more compassionate, dedicated, empathize, understand and become more disciplined.

Physical Health

Horseback riding can always keep you in shape. It is seen to be a moderate-intensity workout as per the study published in 2011. Riding horses is directly linked with psychological, physical and recreational well-being. However, to make the most of the riding, one must do it at least for an hour, thrice a week. One can burn calories in hundreds by riding horses, saddling or even grooming.


Riders should know how to take quick decisions and solve problems while on the horse. For example, if a horse is going on a particular way but wants to go to the other side, then the rider must know how to make the animal go to the route that the rider has chosen for safety purposes. An unexpected scenario might occur and the rider must know in advance how to keep things in control.

Psychological Health

The BHS conducted study concludes that horseback riding can stimulate positive psychological feelings. More than 80{c40cc7f8f96444337070e24d20152274ba8211387b14259fe0dd43fbd2824644} of the riders claim that horse riding Khao Yai has made them feel happier. Horseback riding makes them feel confident and boosts their confidence. It is when the riders learn to stay on that they have learnt the primary thing.


Horses are social animals like humans and being able to communicate and interact with them has always been positive for people. This is especially experienced when you choose therapeutic riding programs. Children enrolling on such programs have been seen to communicate with them more than with people. Besides, horses make great companion animals.

Horse riding Khao Yai (ขี่ ม้า เขา ใหญ่, which is the term in Thai) happens close to nature which lets you inhale fresh air. Given how much time you spend indoors, this proves helpful for our overall well-being. It helps us relax and minimize muscle spasticity because tight muscles undergo stretching owing to the horse’s natural motion.