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Dry skin is characterized by a constant absence of moisture on the face and other body parts. People having dry skin need to moisturize their skin quite often to maintain its texture. People living in extremely hot or cold places generally have this skin type but people living in other regions too can have this skin type. People having dry skin often feel tightness in the face, itchiness or irritation, have fine lines or cracks, and develop flakes on the skin.

Dry skin is indeed difficult and painful to handle. Fortunately, nowadays many skin products are present in the market that can provide you relief. Apart from applying these products, there are some common practices that one can follow to maintain their skin.

The following are some effective to get rid of dry skin:

·       Apply Moisturizer

Dry skin needs a generous amount of moisture to stay hydrated and hence healthy. People having dry skin must apply moisture immediately after bathing or washing their face. Sculptra can cure dry skin [Sculptra แก้ผิวแห้ง, which is the term in Thai] and eliminate issues related to hydration.

·       Use A Humidifier

If you are residing in an extremely hot and cold place with dry air and minimal humidity then you must use a humidifier to keep your skin hydrated throughout. The humidifier should be set at 60{d199fd0febcc721b5dbc484d583f4134f7fc78a98c2ae5fef830703048be7168} to provide replenishment to the topmost layer of the skin.

·       Use Ointment And Creams

If you have dry skin then ointments and creams are a better option for you instead of a lotion. Choose an ointment and cream containing one or more of the following items: Jojoba, lactic acid, lanolin, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, petroleum, shea butter, etc.

·       Use Fragrance-Free Products On The Skin

Deodorant makeup products are harmful to you if you have dry skin. Try using fragrance-free makeup products on your skin. Stop using any makeup products containing the following: Retinoids, alcohol, scented items, alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), etc.

·       Do Not Scratch

Dry skin is prone to constant itching and inflammation. Under any circumstances, do not scratch. Instead, use a moisturizer to get relief or use an ice pack on the affected area.


Dry skin can be cured by the use of appropriate cosmetic products. Various cosmetic items including Sculptra can cure dry skin if applied religiously on the skin. The product is enriched with several useful chemicals which are bound to impart relief.