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Running an e-commerce site is complicated. It would be best if you managed a wide range of inventory. And it becomes a daunting task to keep the record sorted. Excel sheets can assist you in keeping an eye on your inventory. But it needs a person or constant eye on the screen.

Five programs will keep your e-commerce business stock ready 24*7. And you will not have to be busy on screen as well. The product stock application (แอ พ สต๊อก สินค้า, which is the term in Thai) will automatically take care of your stock and help you solve business-related problems. The five stock programs also include an application that helps you check stock product (เช็ค สต๊อก สินค้า, term in Thai) so that you can order the products that you need to sell.

While selling many items on an e-commerce site online needs a 360-degree view from keeping an eye on inventory, buying another will waste a lot of time. Hence, think of the following five programs to take care of your overall inventory management.

The Stock Application

As an ecommerce store, you will also have to manage the backhouse. This stock application program enables you the ease to keep a check on your stock easily.

The Shopkeeper Stock Application

It is a unique, designed program for small businesses. One of its essential features is pre-order management reservation. Also, you can use this application from any iOS with each detailing menu.

Check The Stock Pro Application.

It is the best check stock product program. It scans barcodes while you are filling the inventory, and at the same time, it tells you how much of the product in the warehouse you need to sell.

Store Stocking Program

It is the store stocking program that enables you to add products. It also stores the barcode of the product. If there is no barcode, it creates one.

Daily Stock Record Program

It is one of the best warehouse management applications. You will sell some items daily. Hence, you need to keep a record of sold items. The program automatically adds or deletes the products you sell from your warehouse. Hence, you do not need to count each product every time and do entries for every single item. The software will do it for you.

With these five essential programs, life will be even easier for you. Ensure that you know how to use each program like a pro.