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Choosing the proper wedding photography style for your upcoming event is just as crucial as deciding what dress to wear or where to have your reception. If you have a limited budget, you should aim to find the most economical option without sacrificing quality.

After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you won’t have another chance to capture the photographs from your big day.

Engaged couples today have more wedding photography styles to choose from than ever before. Photojournalistic wedding photography is a common choice for today’s weddings because it produces a less stiff marriage album than traditional posed photos. A black and white one is also popular, adding an old-fashioned romance to the mix.

Modern wedding photography allows couples to completely design their images to reflect the tone of the ceremony. The classic posed wedding portrait complements the conventional formal one perfectly.

This, however, is simply one of many wedding styles from which couples can currently pick. Weddings in general are significantly less standardized, ranging from leaping out of an aeroplane or exchanging vows on a roller coaster to highly themed personalized events. It is only natural for wedding photography to evolve with the times.

One of the biggest worries in wedding planning is the expense. Wedding photography is more affordable than you might imagine. Professionals like Marc Shaw Photography & Films perform them, are aware of the budget limits that today’s couples confront, and they are willing to collaborate with the couples to find a solution that fits their style and budget requirements.

One of the first decisions that couples must make when it comes to wedding photography is whether to go with classic film or the newer and increasingly popular digital wedding photography.

Both styles have advantages and disadvantages. If your wedding will be more conventional, you may want to stick with tradition and choose the film one. Certain films also have a gentler vibe to them.

While any skilled photographer may take beautiful images without rapid feedback, couples whose wedding photos include tough action shots may feel more safe knowing that the photographer can preview and re-shoot photos as needed.

The future of photography is digital. More and more photographers are switching to digital as their primary medium.