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People generally want to feel and look beautiful from the inside and outside. So to look beautiful, many have undergone a lot of cosmetic surgery to look young or spectacularly beautiful. Among many surgeries, lip surgery has become a common thing. If you have a bag full of money, you can go for this surgery because it is costly.

Chesnut-shaped lip has gained popularity as people will look attractive and bold in them. Few of us don’t like a few parts of our body that make us ugly, so we undergo different surgeries called self-obsession to look attractive. If you have a dull or thick lip, you can go for lip surgery to make it look beautiful. Now, this surgery can be done by all genders; if you are facing a problem with your thick lip, then it can be changed into an attractive one through this minor surgery.

The price for the horn chestnut-shaped lip (ทํา ปากกระจับ ราคา, which is the term in Thai) can be too high or can be cheaper rate, so it depends upon your affordability. We know there is no guarantee for success, but before going for any surgery, we must know the hospital and its success rate. After the surgery must not feel disappointed. In renowned hospitals, the surgeons diagnose the patients correctly, whether they have allergies to certain medicines or are physically strong enough to take the surgery.

After receiving all the reports, they proceed with the surgery. So the price of the horn chestnut-shaped lip depends upon the credibility and skills of a doctor as the doctors have to measure the lip carefully so it must not look uneven. The shape has to be chestnut, so lots of patience are needed to work on minor details. This surgery changes the structure of the face and can be done after 15 years of age.

So few foods or activities must be constricted right after the surgery like

  • Active Lip Movements
  • Chewing Continuously
  • Having Spicy Food
  • Bitting Something Hard

Are you looking for surgery? Try to consult a doctor who has succeeded in this surgery and has a proper license. It must also look into the surgeon’s past success history, whether he came across critical cases and how he has attained success. After acquiring enough proof, you can book an appointment, as surgery is something we must think twice before doing.