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Introduction –

There are many people who are struggling with their health. Either they have weight issues or they have body pain or some other minor ailment. But some of the most common health issues that people suffer from are fatigue, body weight, and skin and hair problems. But there are various ways in which these health problems can be solved. Here in this brief guide, you will come to know about the various self improvement tips that can help you live a healthy life. Also, in this guide, you will learn about the secret of long life. So, continue reading to explore more about how to live a healthy life.

Following the Osho Philosophy:

Many people must have heard of Osho philosophy, and one of the main philosophies of Osho which was very popular in past 10 years was, do to what you like and makes you happy. And, this is something very true, sometimes mind can get just stuck up or bogged down by doing things that we don’t like. For example, going to office or doing the house hold work and so on. Many people have many different things or jobs in their lives that they don’t like. So, the first way to make your brain and mind happy is to DO WHAT YOU LIKE & WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. So, if you like walking, gardening, listening to music, dancing, or anything else, just do that; it will make you happy and your mind will be relaxed.

Exception to Osho Philosophy –

But there is an exception to this philosophy, and that is: don’t overdo anything and do things that are healthy and safe for your life. So, let me give you an example: if you like drinking alcohol and that makes you happy, that doesn’t mean that you should start drinking alcohol in the morning and say that that makes you happy. NO. That’s not healthy. So, if you follow the Osho philosophy, do it in a healthy way, which is good for your mind and health overall.

Tips For People –

Next, the people who suffer from fatigue are the ones who have certain kinds of food allergies. So, such people should check as to when and after eating what food they are getting fatigue. Also, people who suffer from skin and hair problems should take healthy gummies for their body and skin, which are available online. As far as weight is concerned, the only thing you need to know is to eat in moderation and exercise well. One of the secrets to long life is to eat in moderation, that is when your stomach is half full, you should stop eating and the only remedy for healthy life style is to EXERCISE, EXERCISE AND EXECRISE.

Self-Improvement Books

This is one of the Japanese secrets to long life: to eat in moderation and exercise. Even a 30 minute plain walk or brisk walk can help your body in immense ways. Some of the good self improvement book that you can read is Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life. This book can help you in many ways to stay happy and live long, and it also gives you some advice on self-improvement tips. But the most important of all is to exercise.