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Solar solutions are gaining fame all over the world. It is an effective solution towards meeting the increasing energy demands. Enterprises need a lot of energy for their work. Solar rooftop for industries (solar rooftop โรงงาน, which is the term in Thai) is one of the effective solutions for all industrial energy needs.

About Solar System Installation

Solar system or rooftop is all about installing solar cell at the top of the building that brings the sun’s energy to the device. Then the device converts solar energy into electrical energy. You would be amazed that the device converts solar energy into DC before we get the final AC power.

Different Types Of Solar Rooftops For Industries

·        Grid-Tied Solar Rooftop Systems

This type of solar rooftop system directly changes the sunlight into electrical energy. It does not store the energy for later use; therefore, it is suitable only for small homes or offices. On cloudy days it does not generate enough electricity for industrial use.

·        Off-Grid Solar Rooftop Systems

In this type of solar cell, the device stores the energy from sunlight into a battery. This energy can be later used during the night or even cloudy hours by saving energy.

·        Hybrid Solar Rooftop System

It is a combination of grid-tied and off-grid solar rooftop for industries systems. It means that it can directly produce solar energy from the grid, and also, if there is no energy left in the battery, you can still use the solar cell.

Benefits Of The Solar Rooftop Systems

·        Cost Saving

The electric expenses can be substantially saved by self-generating solar power. The cost of the investment for the solar system once recouped, the cost of the electricity is almost free.

·        Environment Friendly

The solar power cell is the best way to have s sustainable environment. The use of solar power helps in reducing Greenhouse gases. It helps create a sustainable and clean earth as it does not emit any carbon traces in nature or does not your non-conventional energy resources.

·        Maintenance Free

As an industry owner, you may have many things to look upon. With a solar energy grid, only regular cleaning and sometimes visual checks are good to ensure efficient performance. Also, The cost for the maintenance of the Solar Panels is almost nil or requires low maintenance.

·        Energy Independence

The main problem affecting industries is disruptions & variations in the electricity supply. Solar Rooftop Systems provide constant and uninterrupted energy.

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