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Some people love money, others are rich in love, and then there’s a group of people rich in inherited oddities such as zebra hide rugs . Available in several colors, shapes, and sizes, these rugs are undeniably an eye-catching and wonderful addition to any home. However, their cleaning requires some special techniques to extend their lives. Wondering to know what these techniques are? Read on to find out!

The Best Techniques & Agents To Clean Zebra Hide Rugs

After buying a zebra hide rug for your home, you have to keep it clean as much as possible. This is why learning about all cleaning techniques and agents is very important. This guide will tell you the ways how to enjoy these accessories for years. So, read it carefully!

For Wear and Tear

For regular wear and tear, soap, water, and a clean, soft sponge will do the trick. Be careful not too moist your zebra hide rugs as much because it can damage them extensively. Suppose your rug gets too wet while cleaning. If that is the case, you may need to take your rug to the professionals.

To Blot The Stains

While removing stains from your zebra hide rug, make sure to rub it as little as possible. Applying soap-water solution using a soft sponge, paper towel, microfiber cloth, or rag is the easiest way to blot away the stains. Don’t be scared to wash your zebra hide rug, as it is made of natural zebra skin. Wipe the stain away with gentle, circular motions. However, the best way to keep your rug clean is to avoid drinking or eating in front of it. This will help you save lots of time while cleaning.

Pet Urine & Odor

It would be best to buy specific urine removal products to remove pet urine on your zebra hide rug. It is advisable to apply organic cleaning products to keep your rug stain-free as well as to protect your environment. For complete odor removal, apply a solution of water (9.5 oz.) and vinegar (0.5 oz.). Clean the affected part first with a paper towel, then spray the solution on another piece of paper and continue working until the odor is completely gone.

Having a zebra hide rug is not as easy. One of the main issues when buying these rugs is they require extra care and maintenance. This is why you may need to seek advice from professionals. As a precaution, you should purchase these rugs from reputable platforms. A high-quality zebra hide rug can be a great addition to your home for many reasons. What we would suggest is for you to vacuum your zebra hide rug regularly using a soft brush attachment. Alternatively, you can attach a pantyhose to the end of the vacuum wand. This technique will not suck dust into the vacuum, so you may need to wipe the panty-hosed end every few minutes using a microfiber cloth. That’s it!