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Winching a machine is a methodology that necessitates management knowledge and the proper emergency vehicles. There are various roadside assistance techniques, such as:

  • Tow With Rack And Chain
  • Excessive Trucking
  • Steering Column Tow – Surge

Nevertheless, choosing the right moving truck and process is critical to safely transporting your motor to your desired location. The rear axle method is one of the more popular roadside assistance methods. This technique is highly beneficial for winching slide cars Din Daeng (รถสไลด์ดินแดง, which is the term in Thai)

What Exactly Is Steering Column Wheeling?

Steering column roadside assistance is a lifting approach that entails impounding a motor by raising the car’s wheels in front. Both the tucked-away steering column and the removable wheel lift move the Slide car Din Daeng but use a sheltered towing basic concept. To lift the front of the car, electronics, water distribution, or structural device is attached to the back side of the flatbed truck. This technique includes a rear axle structure that the driver’s side controller controls.

The Advantages Of Rear Axle Lift Roadside Assistance

This is an effective way of winching automobiles. The steering column slipped underneath the propeller and raised the whole front wheels of the automobile.

·       It Works Well In Stiffer Spots

Wheel-lift hauling is an appropriate technique for removing lighter automobiles from constrained spaces. This technique works well in wheel chocks because they wouldn’t lift the automobile considerably farther, and the tire trailers aren’t very tall.

So, when you require a tow truck driver to move your car out of a tight position, this would be a good approach, especially if it’s a lighter car.

·       It Resolved Quickly

The steering column hauling technique also reduces visible damage, which is a further advantage. The rear axle does not damage the car, which takes the shoes off from below. The primary tires of the vehicle provide all of their weight.

·       It Can Pull A Strong Impact

Have your vehicles been involved in a collision? If so, rear axle dragging is a trustworthy option for pulling. Without inflicting more damage, it can retrieve the wrecked car with ease and safety. Hence, wheel-lift pulling is preferable if you move your automobile securely after a collision.

·       This Is A Quick Technique

Rear axle pulling is a quicker towing method than other pulling methods like the platform or others. This system requires roughly twice as long as transport on a trailer. Additionally, the procedure will progress more quickly because the employee understands how to haul a rear axle.


Despite your removal and transporting purposes, we guarantee that we have the appropriate cable vehicle in our collection. In addition to specialized transportation and recoveries, machinery moving, unlock, push, tire replacements, and fuel system, we also provide wheeled lift towing, platform hauling, parking deck hauling, contained trailer towing, and heavily loaded roadside assistance and restoration.