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Did you ever hear people say that one can tell how old a wine is by tasting it? It means that the older your wine bottle/collection is, the better the taste of your wine. You might have the habit of going out more often to buy a bottle of wine. Instead, you must focus on building or choosing a wine storage cellar that can store your wine for years. It would undoubtedly require a good investment to choose the best wine cellar to store the wine.

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How Should You Usually Store Wine?

If you don’t have any wine storage facility or do your previous generation have one, you’ll have to build a wine storage cellar from scratch. So, how will you make it without having basic knowledge about the environmental conditions required for wine storage?

Wine needs to be permanently stored in cool, still and dark places. However, this doesn’t mean you can keep your wine in a refrigerator. That’s the worst decision to make as a wine owner.

You might be wondering why it is so. Why can’t wine be stored in hot places with lots of light and motion?

Here Are A Few Reasons Behind It:

1. Low Temperature

Wine loves a cold environment. The temperature of its surrounding area mustn’t cross 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Secondly, always check that the humidity level is proper so oxygen doesn’t pass through the bottle. You will not be able to drink oxidized wine. It won’t hamper your health, but it wouldn’t taste heavenly. You’ll waste all your money on expensive wine due to minor negligence.

2. Dark Environment

UV light from the sun damages the wine. It means the sun’s rays age the wine ahead of time, which further ruins the wine’s taste. Therefore, wine bottles are usually sold in coloured glass bottles to protect them from sun rays and UV light.

3. Stillness Is Essential

  • Again, constantly shaking a wine bottle ages the wine and destroys its quality.
  • In the case of red wine, the sediments are distributed throughout the bottle when disturbed.

So, What Wine Storage Should You Choose?

The storage type depends on the quantity of wine and the time you want to store it. Depending on these factors, you can choose to store wine in your wine cooler or a professional storage cellar. You can find the best wine storage cellar online from the comfort of your couch.