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Generally, buying a home is a stressful process; moreover, the real estate lingo complicates things. Especially the new buyers, they get confused with different types of houses. Townhouse and Condo near bts Sukhumvit (คอนโดติด bts สุขุมวิท, which is the term in Thai) are both great places to live.

But there are some architectural differences between the style of the house. Let’s learn more about them.

What Are Condo And Townhouses?

A condominium is a single apartment-style living unit within a large building. In large building complexes, there are several condos on each floor. It is one of the popular concepts in urban areas. Besides, condos are available in different sizes and packages, from luxury high-rises to residential buildings. After you buy a condo, you are the owner of your unit only.

 In contrast, a townhouse is a blend between a traditional house and a condo. They have front and back yards. Townhouses are not separate properties; instead, they are attached to a row of narrow houses attached to a wall. You are responsible for maintaining your home and other amenities in the townhouse.

Factors To Consider Before You Buy A Condo And Townhouse

·       Homeowners Associations

Condo owners are responsible for the maintenance of their units. Condo near bts Sukhumvit has an association responsible for managing and nurturing the property. They collect funds from each condo owner to maintain the shared amenities.

Whereas in the townhouse, owners are responsible for taking care of the interior and exterior of their property. Townhouses also have house owners associations, but they are in charge of caring for the whole community. This organization runs on a set of rules to protect the community.

·       Costs And Tax

Both condos and townhouses are affordable to purchase. But condos are more budget-friendly because the owner is confined to their unit. So the property tax also declines for condo owners.

Townhouses become a bit pricey because of the property taxes.

·       Community And Amenities

Condos are small, and lack outside space, but the owners are offered luxury amenities to enjoy. Some amenities like a gym, swimming pool, security, playrooms, high-rise rooftop and many more are provided in Condo near bts Sukhumvit.

Finale Takeaway

The decision to buy a home depends on your priority. A condo is the best option if you want an affordable, compact house. Moreover, the first-time buyer’s favorite house is a condo near bts Sukhumvit. But a townhouse offers more convenience and a close-knit community if you have a big family.