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None of us has a perfectly symmetrical face or eyes; in a few cases, the changes are so slight that it hardly comes to notice, but if the difference is noticeable, the face looks odd. Here we are going to discuss Asymmetrical eyes (ตาไม่เท่ากัน, which is the term in Thai) in a detailed manner. This pattern of eyes is mostly genetic; it depends upon other features around the eyes which are not in a proper shape, leading to asymmetry.

What Are Its Causes?

Firstly as mentioned before, it happens due to genetic factors normally inherited from their parents. Now it’s not that most of the kinds inherit these things from their parents, but few chances are there as the degree of asymmetry can pass through generations.

Secondly, if a child got a serious injury to their face while playing or through any accident due to which his cheekbone moved or any other facial structure got disrupted, that can cause an asymmetry.

Thirdly, sometimes medicine or some kind of surgery can also change the shape of the eyes. Most importantly, try not to continuously make your kid sleep on one side. This can change the structure of their face at an early stage, always switching sides to maintain a proper structure of eyes, nose or face.

How To Maintain Symmetry?

So to get proper symmetrical eyes, surgery is needed. If you have a droopy eye, eyelids are multi-layered, sunken eye sockets, so it’s better to consult the best surgeon to fix Asymmetrical eyes, and it will regain your confidence. So after the surgery, your eyes will look normal as if no surgery was done. If your eye socket is deep, the surgeon will make an incision by which they will remove a bit of fat from the eye socket, and the eyes will look brighter.


What Cautions Need To Be Followed After Surgery?

As it’s a bit of a major surgery, precautions must be taken, as after the surgery, the doctor will prescribe a few medicines and guide you with other processes to heal the wound quickly. Avoid pressing too much on the wound, as it can cause bleeding after the surgery. Add ice whenever possible, and try to eat fried food or anything fermented, as it can cause allergies. Follow the doctor’s guidelines meticulously to get healed quickly.


If you feel uneasiness around your eyes a few days after surgery, try to consult your surgeon as soon as possible, as eyes are delicate organs. Make up your mind first and then go with all the proceedings, research these surgeries and then consult the best surgeon. Now Asymmetrical eyes can lower your self-esteem and body image but try not to demean yourself; walk confidently so that people can hardly see this difference.

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